Sunday, May 28, 2017

My justified uncivilized behavior (#3040)

     I know I have reverted to a crude and distasteful version of myself. It is strategic. I have not all of a sudden shown my true form as a nasty brutish out of control asshole. No, I have decided that I will no longer be civilized in my critique of worse assholes when I debate, argue or define them after they open their act and state their filthy intent. No one loves civilized society more than I do. I cherish the concept of adding to dialogue and thought in ways that invigorate our minds to greater understandings. Yet that is not what this currently is about here in America. I am one hundred percent behind the strategy to hit below the waist with the ones who would kill us if they had their druthers. So when I get a critique about the use of my language it is like me hearing someone tell me to be nice while they hack my head off. It doesn't logically compute.
     Another benefit of my unbound rants is that others can silently agree without crossing that line that I most joyfully rocketed over. I come from a beginning of rough and tumble life lessons that were more based in cruel and brutish lessons so the fact that I rose above that to make something decent of myself is evidence of my own desire to have and live in a better world. But when those trumps and a majority of the republican party take my desire to be civilized and turn it into a mockery through pain and suffering is why I now reach back into my past and become the ruthless speaker of truth no matter what crude language I use to describe them. My verbiage is not the point of my dialogue but it is now the angry vessel I utilize to deliver it.
     Eventually if I survive the trumps of the world currently in power here in America, I will gladly and humbly return to expressing myself as an enlightened normal intellectually advancing being. But until that comes back around the trumps and their followers will get the nasty brutish version of me as their reward for killing us without as much as a by your leave. Strategic, not devolving. I am just utilizing all of who I am or was to fit the horrendous narrative being thrust upon us without our consent. I am many things but what I would choose to be is honorable, noble and kind. When the time for that comes back is when I will be the best version of what makes me proud and what I hope can inspire pride in others. Until then though, it is the harsh brutish Carl who will tolerate nothing less than the best of what humanity should be.

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