Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No civilized conversation with the nation destroying republicans! (#3029)

     Be nice? What the fuck! I got nice right here on the end of my fist is the nice I have for republicans. I have been telling anyone who would listen in civilized terms for decades that republicans are out to destroy our democracy and that didn't fucking work. I am pissed off right now because there are still some liberal progressives who think we can reason with republicans. Bullshit bullshit bullshit! They have got all what they have always wanted, control of our levers of power and they don't give a shit what any of us try to argue or debate them about. They are going ahead with their dastardly agenda if they can get past themselves.
     So the time for being nice or playing by civilized rules left many decades ago. We have to fight for every inch we can stop them from moving toward their agenda, which by the way is to destroy the middle class and make us all lower class while they enjoy the upper class. Get it through your civilized heads that there isn't a choice here. No amount of civilized discourse is going to change what they have dreamed of doing since the Reagan years. So sharpen your tongues and let her rip when you get a chance to let your voice out. This is not a time for niceties, this is time for the brutal truth of calling out the pigs for being the pigs.
     Remember, republicans want us to think that what they are doing is normal. Killing off our economy so that the wealthy are the only ones benefiting. Taking away health care making it a privilege not a right. Squashing attempts by unions to protect workers and bargain for living wages. Denying many the right to vote through economics and social prejudices. Making women feel like less than equals and turning them into pleasure vessels for men to use and toss away. This is the republican agenda and if you see anything normal about that then you don't deserve democracy. Meanwhile the rest of us have got to take the lead in stopping these fucking republicans no matter what lie spews out of their mouths. I got no civilized conversation for republicans except to tell them that I am coming for them with a vengeance!

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