Monday, May 15, 2017

Republicans in the House voted to take away health care for 24 million Americans (#3027)

It took 217 votes in the House for republicans to pass their bill to take away health care from 24 million working middle poor class Americans, This is what the republican elected representative officials of our nation did. The 217 votes were ALL from republicans, not one democrat voted for this bill, Next year all 217 republican House representatives are up for reelection. So we the American people will have it fresh in our memories that republicans find that taking health care away from Americans who can least afford to lose it, is more important than making sure all Americans have health coverage.
     Republicans control the Congress and the Presidency so they easily could have passed a bill that made health care possible for all Americans but instead they choose to take it away from 24 million folks. Why you may ask would republicans do this? Well the answer is plain if you look at the effect of the bill those 217 republicans in the House passed. If it becomes law, the wealthy receive a huge tax break while the rest of us lose coverage and will pay higher taxes, So republicans have backed the wealthy, of which there are a little over 10 million here in America, That republicans refused to back the rest of us approximately 310 million who are not wealthy doesn't seem to concern them.
     Well republicans may have miscalculated this time. Although nearly half of the 310 million non wealthy will likely continue to not vote, The other half will and with the eye opening loss of health care for many of us the difference between republican and democrat will be crystal clear. Surely republicans will be counting on the propaganda their wealthy donors will orchestrate during the next election cycle in 2018, but not all wealthy are for republicans so many of those non republican wealthy will side with democrats and help offset the resources spent by the republican wealthy to create chaos in our decision making processes. The time is coming next year to make all the House republicans pay for their vote to take away health care for 24 million of us who can least afford to lose it.

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