Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The courts are saving our asses! (#3015)

     When it became obvious that trump and the senate would go the way of republicans on November 8th 2016 I had that gut punched feeling unlike any I have ever had. For me the world was about to end because of the instability that was about to come crashing down on our heads from trump the dumber and his lemmings in the senate. I began to come to the realization that my life was over and that I was just living on borrowed time. I was looking for a way out of America and it's cruel and ignorant beliefs. But as a little time passed and our governor here in California made it clear that we Californians were not going to roll over to the trumps of the world I too began to smolder with resistance and determination.
     I decided that leaving my country because a minority of voters installed a man/child to be despot was not what I was destined for. I decided that staying and fighting back was my destiny and with the strength that was surrounding me here in California I solidified my future by going full attack on republican politics like never before. Since then the courts have shown themselves to be an ally that I had not considered previously. From the travel ban being denied to the anti sanctuary cities order being stopped for the most part. The courts have shown that there is no room for tyranny when balanced against the separation of powers embedded in our democracy. I am further bolstered in my resolve to fight against the trumps by the trumps inability to actually know what they are doing.
     So far the republican desired legislative route for dismantling our government has gone nowhere. The infighting among the republicans and the stalwart obstruction by our democrats has been sufficient to derail any meaningful legislation aimed at destroying equality, fairness and justice. I suppose that after many fits and starts the trumps may actually begin to figure out how to better attempt to destroy our nation but time is going by and the next national election is approximately 18 months from now so our resistance is key and our will to stand united a must if we are to stem the tide for now and then reverse it in 2018. Meanwhile the courts are there for us and am I happy they are.

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