Saturday, May 6, 2017

The haters are coming next for our speech (#3018)

     I normally just call them the trumps but that is reserved for those who are the political ones. The haters are the base of the trumps and they are the ones who fuel the need to restrict and deny other humans wherever and however they can. The haters can only see the dark side of things even though in many cases the dark side is more their imagination than reality. It doesn't matter with them because they are never wrong. They are angry for their lot in life and are constantly willing to blame the others for their miserableness. I know several of these folks and it is not surprising to me that they are the way they are. They never worked hard enough nor long enough to feel a sense of accomplishment in their own lives.
     So anyone who is not them is therefore crap and can only be a despicable human being. Funny though that the haters are the ones who are crap and despicable human beings but they can only project that onto others, they cannot see it in themselves. Which begs the question what do they see as themselves? Surely it is a great person who cares about everyone...except everyone! I have tried mightily to show these certain folks the truth of what a decent human being thinks like but they are unable to get past their own prejudices and enculturation. What is even worse their hate does not allow them to understand the complexity of how we humans interact and need each other to help balance out our society based upon equality
     So for me I have given up trying to educate them with facts and truths. I just tell them to go away because I don't allow people who hate to be part of my life. I also speak out about it wherever and whenever I get a chance so naturally what do the haters want to do about not only me but many who are speaking out against the stupidity of hate as a premise? Shut us up is what they want to do. Our First Amendment is going to get some heat in the coming near future and we will see just how well the non haters like me can rebut the effort to stifle free speech. I look forward to that challenge with a vigor that will not be denied while I am alive.

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