Friday, May 19, 2017

The penalty for attempting to destroy our democracy (#3031)

     There should be no leniency when it comes to individuals or groups who act with the intent to tear down our democratic society so that they can enrich and empower themselves over us. Think about what is happening in our federal government. We have a scoundrel leading a pack of scoundrels trying desperately to hold onto power they dubiously attained. Why? Because they have an opportunity to not only bleed our federal treasury for favored contracts to themselves through their accomplices but they are in position to restructure our economy so that the working middle poor class is left with less opportunity to gain wealth while the wealthy are advantaged to gain more wealth. The ideals of fairness and justice are being stampeded in the name of greed.
     We are seeing this happen before our very eyes and all of us seem to be so stunned that we cannot think of how to stop it. We expect some magical entity within our government to step up and put a halt to it except that we have left or allowed all the power over any agency to stop the trumps in the hands of the trumps. Now there may be a glimmer of hope in that at least one agency is trying to defend the rule of law, which sides with democratic values more than it sides with enriching the wealthy even more. So some movement may happen that allows our judicial system to try and convict the trumps of their "alleged" crimes. I laughingly use alleged in parentheses because for me they are crimes when the products of their legislation and orders prove it.
     So now what do we do with these rotten souls who would have subjected us to a cruel and suffering existence if they are caught out? It is plain to me that deterrence in this instance is the appropriate tack to take in deciding punishment. Never again should a nation like ours have to relive this nightmare. So the punishment must be harsh and swift. Not only that but public so that all can see what a disgrace looks like and how we treat those who would try to undo the laws of an enlightened society. As each of these criminals is to receive their punishment remember that anyone who would wrong the whole of society should have no mercy when it comes to what they deserve. They would have inflicted their harm on all of us so their individual punishments are still far less than the total pain they would have caused.

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