Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The silver spooned cruel manchild president (#3022)

     I don't know how else to label him. Given that he was raised in advantage and privilege, he cares not a whit about the working middle poor class and he is a classic spoiled child who never grew up. Somehow we Americans believed he should be the leader of the once was, arguably, greatest nation on Earth. We may still be the greatest nation on Earth but we are losing ground to all other civilized democratic nations. We enslaved a creed of people for over 300 years and then when they did fight and win their freedom, we subjected them to Jim Crow laws that left them still on the outside of our democracy. We didn't give women the right to vote until 1920. That was only 35 years before I was born. These are, despite being wrong policies, advancement from our initial beginnings. However, the republican party and trumps are taking us back toward those policies by treating creeds of people different than whites and putting more burdens on women that contradict equality and fairness.
     The trumps are the worst of what we hold as dear and precious. They are like the leeches on the great body politic. Yet through trickery and deceit they and their wealthy accomplices have managed the greatest theft of our American history. They had convinced us that the wealthy were the ones being harmed and that the worst off among us were the blood suckers of our democracy. This could only have happened to us Americans through us not being diligent in our knowledge and understanding of facts. In other words, we didn't think we needed to be intelligent to have an easy successful life. Well what we all should be learning is that by taking shortcuts throughout life we have left ourselves vulnerable to the nefarious nature of psychopaths who are entrenched in the republican party.
     What is even worse is that the republican party could not have pulled this deceitful trick off if they hadn't had the consent of the electorate to discriminate and punish those who didn't fit a WASP mold, (white-anglo-saxon-protestant). The republican party has found the way to bring out the worst in the voters here in America with an illogical premise of "us against them". So until we Americans see through the power hungry, working middle poor class destroying republican party's deceit, we will have a rough road ahead with the likes of trumps and the slimy scavengers that follow in their wake.

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