Friday, May 12, 2017

The trumps are swirling the toilet bowl (#3024)

     Talk about your cling ons! These trumps are grasping for any hand hold as they are swirling down into the sewer of wasted life. I can only imagine that the staunchest supporters of the trumps are pulling their hands back from the stench that is trump. That the supporters of trumps kept them afloat this long speaks to their complicity and greed, which will be examined after the trumps have finished their long drop into ignominy. The trumps tried like hell to consolidate their power with the traitorous republican party but not enough of them could commit to the carnival barking slow witted fool. He was unable to form any kind of coalition even among his own fomenting voter base.
     So down he will go because he never stopped his duplicitous behavior and actions. Speaking lies to power got him so far but since he peaked he has hit a wall he didn't build, unmistakable truth! How his end will come about is not crystal clear yet but that it will end is now a momentum that he cannot stop. He is a desperate man/child now so what he adds to the already heaping pile of evidence will only hasten his fall. He will go further in his death throe against the decency and common sense of our humanity and constitution enough to seal his fate sooner than later. After all the trump is a narcissist and power hungry egoist so whatever he has to do to keep his ego satisfied will undoubtedly prove his mental imbalance.
    I admit that this is what I hope for short of him throwing nuclear bombs out at any shadow to change the narrative. Hopefully the rational that are left in our government and rule of law will handcuff him from any overt act that brings us to annihilation. The case studies in the aftermath of the "trump episode" should prove enlightening to any and all who care to put objectivity above their own subjective persuasions. How all the trumps recede from our national consciousness is still to be determined but the toilet has been flushed and the trumps are the waste that is swirling down and out to the betterment of America and the world at large.

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