Saturday, June 24, 2017

America will never be the same (#3067)

     The harsh reality is that America will continue to lose it's progress under the thumb of trumps who head every major level of government. The trumps believe that government should not support it's citizens so programs like medicare/medicaid and social security, unemployment etc... are unnecessary. So while we are barely into the trumps reign we see every liberal progressive policy being attacked whether to diminish it or outright remove it. As far back as the 14th Amendment programs to bring us out of segregation and economic depression because these trumps see no good to a government that helps it's citizens. Even the trump plans to increase the military is not for the sake of our citizens, it is to protect the trumps and their wealthy donors interests and then allows them to use the rest of us as cannon fodder.
     The days of dreaming the American dream are coming to an end. Only those who have wealth or who are protecting the wealthy are considered to be worthy of being an American. It is troubling that we have gotten to this point through a questionably civilized process. The patriots to democracy are not the majority anymore but a minority. The allegiance to freedom and liberty provided through democracy are being replaced by an allegiance to money and the powerful that control it. The thought is not conjecture when the cabinet of trump is made to swear an oath to him as part of their job description. The trumps are heralded into this position by a corrupt house and senate leadership that would rather commit treason than to give up power.
     It makes no sense to appeal to our republican leader's better angels as they see themselves as demigods who don't serve the people they were elected to represent but instead to tell the people that they will get what the elected officials tell them to have. We are being led by a dictator who is making his political party into an accomplice to over throwing democracy. You may be fine with it if it somehow justifies your prejudices and biases but the rest of us are gearing up for a fight to keep democracy and America from being destroyed by the cancer unveiled in trumps.

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