Monday, June 5, 2017

Downsizing in the era of trumps (#3048)

     Instead of being hopeful about the future before the last presidential election I am now frustrated. My frustration is because of the policies of the trumps and congressional republicans at large. Those policies are reflecting a desire to further enrich the wealthy through tax cuts, deregulation and removing and or shrinking social programs that the wealthy contribute financially toward. I am not one of the wealthy and even if I were I would still be frustrated at what the trumps are trying to do. Because I understand that we need a thriving middle class and a poor class with the ability to improve itself as easily and fast as possible.
    But I am not wealthy so all I can do is find ways to cut my simple existence even further so that I am not caught unawares to the cuts to policies that help may of us to survive through poverty. We all need basic things to survive unless we choose to be homeless or double up with other family members to keep from being on the streets, The shelter issue is critical but so is food, clothing, sanitation, transportation, education and health care. The ability to communicate and receive information through the airwaves is just as important. We must prioritize even these basic needs in the era of trumps. So downsizing our needs has to be addressed if we are to survive the trumps, and hopefully move on to a more enlightened governance.
     I am like most all people in that once I have attained a certain level of existence it is hard for me to reduce that. It is almost as if I go into denial just so that I don't have to face it's reality. Yet I have no other choice so once I get past my cognitive dissonance I am then ready to move forward as best I see fits my life. My frustration with trumps is deep though because I am not some healthy young man who can survive easily by changing my lifestyle or environment. I am limited in what I can or should do if I wish to live for any length of time. Where I can make adjustments to how I live it will be done by reduction not elimination. I am already at the basic level so there is little left for me to downsize.

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