Saturday, June 3, 2017

Find your scientific core and live out from that! (#3046)

     I think of my mind as my core since it is where all the knowledge I have been given is stored. Now my heart has the emotional part of me wrapped up but my mind is where all my sensory perceptions go to make sense. When I think of my mind I am reminded that it is a biological wonder. It exists between my ears safely in my skull from most outside dangers. A safe harbor for it if you will. Given that it is so important to who I am and how I act and behave, It's safety is crucial to my existence. Given that I have established my mind as my core, it is from there that I begin and maintain my life journey.
    I am not some whimsical being who just appeared out of thin air. I was born to my parents who were born to theirs and so on and so forth. I am a generational link to not only them but to all humanity as well. What I possess is passed down to me from those who came before me and those of my current peers. I am like a sponge that takes in what is needed while squeezing out that which is of no value or nonsensical. My mind tells me to be logical about all things if I wish to be part of an enlightened society. Which to me is basic. However there are times when my intuition and my common sense takes me momentarily astray from logic if only to make more right than wrong. Logic and ethics mixed with morality can sometimes make for uncomfortable partners so with my mind as the referee, I may adjust my acts and behaviors to fit a more noble or honorable outcome when it seems that solely using logic cannot get me there.
     No where so far have I used any word that dictates I follow a belief system to guide my life. I am not one for mysticism, superstition nor myth as being at all helpful in deciding which course my life should take. I am a human being in a long line of human beings who like the other inhabitants of this planet are just trying to exist while trying to evolve to greater understandings. There is no magic in that only a kind curiosity and a will to explore that which I don't know yet. I am a biological data processor with sensory perceptions and as such I am not going to change what I am and what I was born to be. My mind is where my reasoning, analytics and concluding all take place so when I am in that formulaic sequence I am centered and always ready to follow my destiny.

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