Friday, June 16, 2017

I live more in my emotions than any of my cold calculations (#3059)

     This is what the republican party fails to get. That they are more human than machine. They have tried like hell to smother their empathy and care so that they can play the profit game to the fullest. The cold calculations it takes to harm some so that some others can gain is best done with as little emotion as possible. That is why republicans are seen as being inhuman, they choose to be so that they can gain on the backs of others' misery. Me, I am more emotional than a cold calculator. I actually care about what is happening with otherwise decent folks who are hurt both unintentionally and intentionally. What brings my anger to boil is the intentional harm others cause so that they can benefit. When unintentional harm occurs I empathize and try to imagine a policy that protects from that unintentional harm ever happening again.
     That is how I tick and so are my fellow citizens who make up the vast majority of the democratic party. We actually are about solving problems and sacrificing for each other. We believe in equality sure but we also believe in justice. Sometimes a group deserves more because they are so far behind and need the extra help to stabilize and move forward. Sometimes a group deserves less because they are already privileged and advantaged far beyond the majority. It is how a truly democratic society works that has the best intent of all of it's citizens. We utilize what we have in order to build a smarter and more caring society. That takes not only the cold calculation that is needed at times but it takes more heart and care than only some of us seem to be able to offer.
     Life is just too damn short for us to be so coldly calculating about it. Sure we are biological data processors but we are also humans who have cared to survive with each other and our fellow living creatures here on this planet. We love and we make happy like it is a gift to be cherished. Because we know what it is like to be part of the smiles and the camaraderie of social living. There is an inner need for us to be part of the whole of us. Which I have found to be the greatest need we have to a purposeful life. Don't get me wrong here. I love the logic and science a cold calculating mind can imagine but I don't see it as a pathway for profit, I see it as a pathway toward enlightenment for all to share and experience.

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