Tuesday, June 13, 2017

No fealty owed in a democracy (#3056)

     What happened yesterday was an abomination in a democracy, http://hill.cm/wFs4aym. The level of indignation I have for what trump did to his sniveling cabinet, and I say sniveling since they all cowered to his demand, is off the charts. It shows first that trump is an ego maniac who cannot live without being, shall I say, trumpeted? Second, it is also shown to us just how lacking in honor his cabinet is as they knelt one by one and praised him. Such a display of subservience to a buffoon is evidence of the members of the buffoons cabinets total lack of a spine that should be where their courage is. How humiliating for us to have to witness such a display of cowardice. It isn't as if their lives depended on it but it did underscore them putting their perceived power or what they erroneously perceive as prestige before their own personal, or in this case lack of dignity.
     The world got to see just how deranged the trump is in his expectation of how a democracy should operate. Yet we know this much, he doesn't think our national constitution is modern enough. In fact he thinks it is archaic and is bad for our nation, http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-us-constitution-archaic-really-bad-fox-news-100-days-trump-popularity-ratings-barack-a7710781.html. Well he must constantly be reminded that he was elected by the electoral college, an outdated paternalistic system of control that allowed for the minority vote winning candidate to become president. So he has no mandate whatsoever and more so he is the one who is outdated and archaic in his understanding of how our nation operates in a democracy by his show of making his cabinet members, in a humiliating public way, show fealty to him.
     The trump does not want our democracy to remain considering his actions. It feels and proves like he wants to be an absolute leader who has no one to check and balance his decisions that effect all of us Americans and indirectly the world on whole. He admires the dictators of the world and lets them do as they will without any condemnation. But he has condemned our democratic allies and made a fool of himself and an unwanted partner in many of our allies combined policies. The worst dynamic from the election of 2016 is that our democratic way of life is now in jeopardy by a man who has more vanity than sense. If we Americans survive this coup of sorts it will be because we gave him no benefit of the doubt and instead stood fast and hard against every democracy destroying act he attempts to accomplish.

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