Sunday, June 11, 2017

Respect is earned, not demanded (#3054)

     As the European elections in recent months have shown, the idea of austerity is being exposed for it's harsh demands on the working middle poor class. That in combination with the opposite effect it is having on the greedy wealthy is breeding a resentment that is now being activated upon. Along with the North American Canadians, France and now Great Britain are seeing an explosion of defiance against conservative austerity policies. We here in America are also experiencing a resurgent movement toward anti-austerity measures but we are just not there yet given the results of our election in 2016. But we are close and although our anti-austerity candidate won the popular vote we are still chained to an archaic paternalism known as the electoral college.
     Despite that though the anti-austerity movement is going forward and as new election results continue to come about the more it is realized. It isn't just anti-austerity that is being exposed and defeated it is also segregated views between the races. We here in America are truly the melting pot of the world but too many within my own white race are eager to be the only race. It is abhorrent to me and many like me but the facts remain that we have a sub group of white nationalists and segregationists that are vociferous in their fears of inclusion and the melting pot ideal. How they cannot logically understand that we are all linked as the human race is beyond my understanding and quite frankly an unknown understanding by me that I wish not to understand. It is illogical and immoral as well as unethical in the eyes of democracy.
     That is why I say that respect is to be earned, not to be demanded. There are those within the republican party who manipulated themselves into public power who think otherwise in ways that remind me of tyranny and authoritarianism. Well what these sick souls do not understand is that I and many more like me are not to be bullied nor pressured into breaking with our honored principles. We are not fodder for them to use at their pleasure. Instead we are like a thorn in their side willing to irritate and frustrate them when they choose to deny respect to our most revered article of guidance, the Constitution of the United States. No mere mortal can usurp the respect we have for that inspired document and despite their own arrogant narcissism, republicans will get nothing from us.

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