Monday, June 26, 2017

Rural America, the land that time forgot (#3069)

     In rural America President Obama was in charge when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. In rural America President Obama was in charge when the financial markets imploded in 2008. Yet both of these events occurred while President Bush was in charge. So how come President Obama is to blame by those in rural America? Since it is a falsehood, why are so may believing it? Maybe because rural has yet to come to grips with it's racism? Maybe it's because they don't have the basic common ability to think critically for themselves and are much more prone to be told how to think? May it's some other reason to do with how loyalty to the republican party is never to be questioned. Or maybe it is because they don't like that democrats have stood up for minorities and the alternative lifestyle set. In any scenario, rural America is not up with the times.
     We are not some naive society that cannot accept that others are not what we want them to be. Yet rural America is still in that bubble of wanting to tell others how to live like them. What is even more troubling is that the idea of "do as I say but not as I do" permeates their way of living. I have always felt that attracting others to something was far better than forcing them. If I like what I see then I am attracted toward it. If I don't I move away because life is short and finding something I like is more important than bonding myself to what I don't like. Rural America has not allowed the idea of equality to come full force in their sub culture. Where those of color or identity are not given the respect of their own self. Yet that same respect is demanded of others by rural America.
     I already mentioned that life is too short and by that I mean we all need to find our own way without being told that we can't. Rural America has it's own tunnel vision about what life means and how it should be lived. That would be fine if it were put out there as an example, not a demand. So rural America continues to vote to make the rest of us suffer because they feel paternal about what our freedoms should encompass. Funny that they do because they sure guard their freedom to choose with a ferocity that which they disdain in others for doing the same. For rural America it is "my way or the highway" which to me is not what America is about so while they continue to live in the past with their condescension toward those not them, we Americans on whole continue to suffer from their inability to live and let live.

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