Thursday, June 8, 2017

Selective bullying with the trumps (#3051)

     If you are trying to expose the truth about the trumps you will find yourself being pressured to stop. The trumps have taken to protecting themselves from scrutiny through intimidation and otherwise making life miserable for those who put the rule of law ahead of trump privilege. We are seeing it played out now in our media with all the evidence needed to begin a criminal and or impeachment case against the trumps being delayed or undermined by them and their cronies. The fact that Russia has been involved and putie is aggressively inserting himself in our fact finding narrative is also a factor. That many have died that were in the know of what and how putie operates is a reminder here that putie will not be questioned in conjunction with the trumps and he will use force and that threat to allay any investigation into his connection to the trumps.
     It is a classic case of thuggery we are experiencing with the trumps. They are unable to face the facts of their deeds and they don't want anyone else to even know of them. We are being guided by an elected leader who sees himself as a dictator, not as a servant of the people. If our democracy survives and that is a big if at the moment then it will be because we did expose the trumps to criminal punishments for acts committed in defiance of our constitution. Many think that we can politely work our rules of law to enforce and maintain our democracy, but I am not one of those. I am of the mindset that we are in a street brawl with the trumps and they are not honoring Marquess of Queensberry rules. Instead they are pulling every dirty trick in the book to keep their power.
     There are less than 3 1/2 years left in his elected term and if we don't keep fighting him every step of the way we may find that getting rid of him and his entrenched followers will be harder than ever imagined. The concept of manipulating the vote is not lost on republicans and with them in power it is likely that more is to come. They are like savages when it comes to holding onto what they think is their right to lead. There will be no debating nor logical arguing with them. They will say that the sky is butter if that is what it takes for them to keep power. Selective bullying aimed at those who violate the trump doctrine of disagreeing with them is now the rule not the exception.

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