Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The dawning of a better day or the continuing of a bad one (#3063)

     Today is the day Georgians in the 6th congressional district find out who their newly elected congressperson will become. The old way of doing things there in that district is up against a new way of doing things. The republicans have had control of that district for several decades and for the democrat to come in and make this race close is remarkable in itself. If however a win
for democrats comes about then a shock to the established republican party is at hand. The democrat had a slight lead going into today so already the signs are there for a major upset. That the republican candidate is not charismatic nor can lean on any real policy that attracts voters is also a factor. That the democratic candidate is charismatic and has numerous polices that attract voters is also a factor.
     But like we have learned over many decades of elections, American citizens do not often vote for their own best interest. Instead they vote along party lines like some mechanical bull that broncs predictably every time a coin is inserted. However this special election comes at a time when the republican party has been exposed for the harm they are and will continue to do to the working middle poor class. Maybe, just maybe this time enough voters will finally say enough and vote for their own best interests instead of loyalty to a party that they think still exists to make their lives better. There is no excuse now for any voter not to be informed about this special election. Over 51 million dollars has been spent in a ground game and constant media messaging blitz.
     So now we have arrived at the crucial moment when our nation through this election will show how we are to proceed. If republicans win this election then it is another narrative they get to propagate to their favor. If democrats win then the idea that trump has the nation at his back is fully exposed as a lie. Remember, this is a reliably republican district so a democratic win will show that the trumps have not the force of a mandate and instead they will be shown to be all wrong for what America needs. this election is crucial as each party has much to gain and even more so much much more to lose. I am hoping that the electorate in Georgia's 6th district will lead the nation back from the brink of destroying our imperfect but still best form of government, democracy!

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