Thursday, June 29, 2017

The disgrace of conservatism (#3072)

     The face of conservatism has been exposed and it is an ugly brutish thing. Devoid of common sense and logic, it takes from those who are less capable of defending themselves and gives to those who are ruthless and unconscionable. It is a degradation of enlightenment while feeding off it's underbelly. The idea that a human soul could conclude with any debate or reasoned argument that being a conservative is a benefit to society is like playing at god without the compassion. First none of us has the right to harm another of us and second compassion is the other half of what a human is. Both violate honor and justice while being a disgrace to all who would embrace an empathetic society.
     With the trumps and his acolytes in congress and the judiciary, conservatism has taken our American society to a place of shame, ignorance and hate. The daily attacks on equality over race, gender, class and constitutional rights, the conservatives are showing that they are a mean and nasty paternal party with an aim to control. They were elected on false promises and now are in the progress of changing the rules of democracy so that they can keep the power they were elected to hold. The republican party is where the worst of conservatives congregate and it is at the altar of trump that they now serve. Never before in my years of my living have I seen such a blatant disregard for the rule of law and the formative principles of democracy.
     Our nation is at a crossroads in time that will define the fate of our nation. Our current arrogance in leadership will likely prove to be our undoing not only as a democracy but as a world power. We are alienating nations of the world who would be our allies and making them consider us as potential enemies. Our internal struggle at the moment to contain and bring to heel the out of control conservative movement is at hand and will make or break us depending on how the outcome swings. I cannot fathom the idea of the conservative republicans through the trumps and his vultures continuing to defy logic and rule of law but I may only be at the first stage of denial.

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