Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The new Christianity is a violent one (#3049)

     I can't count how many modern day American Christian pastors have called for violence against people who choose to live in a legal democratic way, http://www.politicususa.com/2016/06/02/christian-leaders-increase-calls-gun-physical-violence-transgenders.html. The Christian church has morphed into a breeding ground for hatred and violence in ways that I had never thought possible. The Jesus Christ I was raised to believe would abhor violence and rebuke any who would attempt it. But this new Christianity is not the same that I was taught in my formative years. No, this new Christian church is about what I call republican jesus. this republican jesus has no tolerance for the poor, the displaced, women nor those who are not white. How has this come to be?
     I can only assume that the infiltration of evils has been afoot. Where prejudice was previously discouraged as sinful it is now celebrated as triumphal. Where women were beginning to gain equal rights with men they now see the loss of those advances. Where the poor were to be regarded with care and compassion, they are now condescended to as unworthy of life itself. Where the real Jesus was of color from the Mediterranean region, the new republican jesus is white and damn proud of it. I can go on about the differences such as fidelity to marriage vows as previously being sacred but under republican jesus they are just suggestions or that where greed and power for the sake of greed and power were abhorrent sins to the old Jesus, they are now welcome as beautiful traits that exemplify the survival of the fittest mentality of the new republican jesus.
     To call yourself a Christian these days you have to be one helluva rotten person considering that the republican jesus would never have sacrificed himself for the sins of all. What is the point anymore of thinking that the old Jesus is still the model for Christianity when the old Jesus has been replaced by the republican jesus? The old Jesus, represented by Esau, has sold his birthright to the republican jesus, Jacob, who now controls the Christian narrative. So you Christians of today have broken Christianity and now you own it. Welcome to your new violent Christian faith you followers.

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