Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The republican party must pay dearly for allowing the trumps (#3050)

     The republican party has brought us the trumps and for that they deserve to be punished severely! No republican running for office anywhere should be given our public trust. They have all been in cahoots to allow trumps so that they can gain power to further weaken our working middle poor class. Enough! Our American society specifically and the rest of the world generally are being put through an absurd reality where good is bad and ignorance is acceptable. The republican party and it's agenda to displace and denigrate souls through undemocratic methods is abhorrent and must stop as soon as is legally possible. The republican brand cannot nor should not be given mercy here. They did this with intent to harm and their premeditation should be met with a severe and effective response. Otherwise they continue to display a criminal recidivist tendency.
     The rule of law and an enlightened society is our goal but not with the republican party. They want to divest America of modernization and an educated masses so that they can use us as tools and cannon fodder when their greed for more strikes them. Their survival of the fittest mindsets with a large degree of racism is an abomination to rationality. They have taken the greatest democracy on Earth and turned it into their own private cash machine while making corporations as or more equal than human people. The idea that a legal document has now better rights than our human species is incredulous. That the republicans on the Supreme Court gave us this paradigm is indicative of how pervasive and inculcated hatred to subsets of biological humans has become.
     For the last several years my bog posts have been coarse, to be kind. I have been fed up beyond my ears with republican politics and I have given myself over to being as tempered as I can in being pissed off in describing them. The record of my anger at them is not because I am foolish or ignorant. It is because when I see harm, in this case with republicans, intentional harm, I have a duty to call it out and to try to stop it. It is in my nature to be a good fellow but until republicans are justifiably removed from any serious governmental positions I cannot sit idly by. The coarseness of my diatribes will continue until justice has been served upon the heads of all the guilty republicans who have made life miserable for our citizens and enriched themselves while doing it.

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