Saturday, June 17, 2017

The rug may not be big enough (#3060)

     Sweeping the dirt under the rug is not a new idea. So when politicians do want their dirt to go away they metaphorically sweep it under the rug. However with the current crop of republicans in charge there is so much dirt that the rug is too small to hide it. There is no spot under that rug where any more dirt can hide. In fact, the republicans are at the point now of not trying to hide much of their dirt and instead are trying to explain why it is okay for them to be such rotten scoundrels. Somehow blaming it on democrats and President Obama or telling us the electorate that it is in our best interests to let break every rule if necessary so that they can decide what is best for us.
     The arrogance of the republican vision is playing out now as we see more and more unsettling news of laws broken and oaths disregarded by them. Yet they say that it is all necessary for our democracy to work? That in itself is another deception that they are hiding. They don't want democracy for us they want power over us. It is not some fantasy of which I speak. The only political party here in America who is actively working to deny citizens the right to vote through strict and difficult identification processes are republicans. The only political party that is trying to keep power by manipulating congressional districts through gerrymandering so that they can gain an unfair advantage is republicans. The only party here in America who are purging voter rolls of otherwise legally qualified voters are republicans.
     These truths are not that difficult to figure out anymore since it is now well established that republicans want a purer race of christian whites to have all the advantages and privileges of American citizenship. This is not democracy, this is a racially divided theology. The republican vision of "cleansing" our republic of the "others" is well underway with the attempted trump travel ban and the horrific crackdown on immigration. The arrogance it takes to pit one human being against another for some unfounded mental delusion is unheralded, unless of course you look at what Hitler's Germany tried to do just about 80 years ago. Our American republicans have sunk so far from democratic ideals that even sweeping the idea of it under the rug is now not so much a priority.

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