Friday, June 30, 2017

trump, the useful idiot to the cruel republican party (#3073)

     I have tried to give trump the benefit of the doubt about his personal intelligence but each time I do he shows me through some act or thought that he is not worthy of any benefit of the doubt. When in reality the man is not firing on all cylinders as an analogy. He talks sincerely about the opposite of what is actually occurring. I know he is a novice to the presidency but all presidents when first elected are novice to it. But what distinguishes trump from previous presidents is that trump refuses to listen to advice or increase his own knowledge on complex subjects. He is wandering around with his held beliefs and considering them as more important than facts. By surrounding himself with some souls who have the worst human nature this country has ever produced, he has shown that his disdain for intellectualism and modernity are real.
     That he would allow them to dictate the agenda for the American people all the while promoting their actions is surreal. I would not think him capable of masterminding this whole illusion but given the rules of logic it cannot be completely ruled out. But instead the more probable scenario is that trump is being manipulated to think one thing and pronounce it while another thing is actually happening. Most likely he is a puppet being strung along to be the voice of an ulterior nefarious motive long sought by the right wing extremists in our nation. The ones who would like to end equality, end equal justice and worst of all, end democracy. I believe trump is the propaganda face for spreading disinformation while the real work of dismantling our democracy continues mostly behind the scenes.
     All the actions taken by the trumps and the republican party have been to dismantle society as we know it. Not one original policy or program is offered to help the struggling working middle poor class. Everything has been aimed at taking more from the working middle poor class. This reforming of our nation is a cruel and brutish attempt to satisfy their illness of hatred and racism. The "cleansing" of society is their goal and if you watch with that eye, you will see the effects of it every time they act or speak. How these warped souls can claim to be the masters of reality while harming everyone and everything that is democratic is beyond me and how we let them into power is the most baffling consequence to occur ever in my lifetime.

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