Monday, July 3, 2017

America, where selfishness breeds ignorance (#3076)

     We are not the most enlightened society here in America. Why? Because we choose to follow the persuasion of greed over humanity. Our faith in capitalism is greater than our faith in democracy. Which is the problem since our faith in democracy should always prioritize over capitalism. Capitalism is an economic model, not a political one yet we have morphed our capitalism into a quasi political formulation. It seems that capitalism is protected in every venture we Americans impose ourselves in at the expense of leaving democracy a distant second. Case in point, republicans are working overtime to limit the voting rights of Americans while at the same time trying to increase the rights of profit making enterprises especially those who contribute to their campaigns.
     We have already seen where the conservative republican majority on the Supreme Court has already given us rulings like Citizen's United and McCutcheon, whereas corporations are seen as people and money as speech. Yet human protesters are being denied speech that conflicts with the republican agenda, while our voting rights are being purged by republicans for the flimsiest of reasons that are not the truth of why they are being purged. Or the onerous way in which we are being forced to comply with unnecessarily stricter identification procedures often leaves citizens with no recourse to vote. Making voting harder while making money easier to be involved in our elections is wrong because we are taking the one vote one person ideal and throwing it away so that the wealthy can spend more of it's money lying to and confusing the overall electorate.
     The rigging of elections is in with republicans who control our government and they are not intent on losing power any time soon. They have an agenda that cannot see the big picture of democracy. They have instead chosen to see the big picture of capitalism and that capitalism is for them not for all. So republicans have been destroying the working middle poor class ladder for improvement for decades and when they are done the republicans and their wealthy donors will have what they have desired, a large pool of workers dependent upon them. The greed of capitalism is incubating here in America and the consequence of it is a loss of critical thinking and overall general knowledge. We Americans are dumbing down because America will not support the idea of modern enlightened thought. It goes against their destruction of the working middle poor class agenda as a rule.

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