Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I have no tolerance for ignorant followers (#3084)

     Once again I got a glimpse of people who defend this current form of conservatism. I am amazed that they cannot find it within themselves to question facts as they are but instead argue around the edges avoiding the facts. I, at that point, remind them of how stupid they are and then it is off telling me how I am not a civil person of whose parents would be proud. Well, I kind of chuckle at that since I could care less what they think at this point and if foul language is their complaint they are still missing the point of the invective. So having given my best few seconds to them I cut them off from any further wasting of my time. I have no time to waste but it appears I just did give them a few minutes of it. More than they deserve since they are the ones who are enabling the trumps of the world to crush the working middle poor class.
     Listen carefully to me right now. I have a great affection for proper civil debate and legal/political argument but I have no tolerance at all for those who would use ignorance and/or false logic as a premise or a conclusion to justify intolerable policies. This is a time of great upheaval and for me to spend an ounce of energy being nice to the willfully ignorant is to enable them to think they are honest partners in the debate for our future. They are not and will be treated like the ignoramuses they are fully surrounded by my foul language to boot. I am angry at how gullible our nation hass become so the quickest way for me to get across to those who are lazy and biased is to attack their sense of civility.
     Ignorance does not deserve respect nor any accommodation that allows them to stand on an equal footing or in the presence of at least modern enlightenment. Those who continue to be ignorant will get the back of my hand in conversation and should count themselves lucky I didn't disparage them as much as they deserve. This is a life and death time and no amount of pussy footing around is going help. Only the brazen truth given with a resounding retort will come from me. I have no time for those who choose harm over good. So I am a hard man, big fucking deal, get over that and look to the facts of things and then learn. I won't be around for much longer as my time is on the back side of life but the rest of you who will need to continue must make your stand and make it hard and fast!

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