Sunday, July 16, 2017

If you are afraid to die you are afraid to live (#3089)

     Get over being afraid of death because there is nothing you can do to stop it. Did you hear me? There is no magic pill nor some great discovery on the horizon that is going to let you avoid death. Nothing! So accept it and move on. The accepting part is hard as most people will just ignore the fact of death despite all logic and truth of it otherwise. This is where cognitive dissonance is at it's greatest. Most will just ignore the fact of death and somehow pretend that death won't happen to them. While they are doing this they are avoiding anything that may cause death because they don't want to die prematurely. Even living in a shell or denying their own sense of right and wrong. It is such a bubble of nothing that they are living in just so that they don't rock any boat that may be harmful to them.
    They say it is smart to avoid conflict so that they can live another day. Well I am not of that reasoning. I find that living my life as who I am and not as a strategy to avoid conflict is the proper way to experience the gift of life. I am not owed life, I was born and survived to this point by living my life, warts and all, within my principles for living. Which include the virtues of honesty, courage and willpower. When I see a bad or harm being perpetrated I don't run and hide from it, I step in and effect some type of change to diminish or end it. Fear is not a value to me, courage is. If I die tomorrow doing what is right and good then my life will be judged a success. If I live on after being a coward for not doing what is right and good then my life will be judged a failure. It is that simple for me.
     If we all don't find a way to conquer our own fears we are not of much value to ourselves or to others. We are just existing to be existing. Not an example of being of the greatest species known in the Universe. I was not alive before I was born so not being alive after I am born is nothing to fear. So why should I not live my life with the gusto of honor and nobleness? I have never felt more alive than when I was part of a solution and not part of a problem. We each of us has the ability to be great human beings but what keeps most of us from being great human beings is our own fear for whatever reason. Well I am here to say that fear is childish and immature. Grow up and be the strong woman or man you were meant to be and not the cowering soul who settles for what the worst of life will throw at us just to stay alive.

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