Saturday, July 22, 2017

Love and all it entails is worth fighting for (#3095)

     To be cold and calculating without the warmth of love is to be inhuman. We are all human so how is it that some of us choose to be not human? It is against our natures to be something we are not. Why cannot we just accept who we are and make the most of that? I struggle to find an answer for this dilemma of not being human when we are human. I will reiterate again that we are biological data processors. Yes, we are machine like in many ways thus we were able to conceive of the idea of a machine. We have memory, short and long term. We calculate, through logic with analysis, reasoning and conclusion. Our general senses allow us to intake information through taste, smell, touch, hearing and seeing. Our arms and legs allow us to move about on uneven terrain, even through the air, vacuum and water. We are durable in may ways although fragile in many other ways.
     Our minds are another amazing tool. We are able to through our memories accumulate information in a comprehensive manner. Compartmentalizing information into it's specific utility. Plus we take from our knowledge and add our imaginations to create previously unknown new paradigms of innovation. We are the most unique biological data processors in the known Universe. As we have already proven we can move outside our boundaries into the vast outer spaces. We have the mental capacity to adapt to conditions that are hostile to our needs to survive. We are a most malleable species and yet we have another quality that is at the core of our identities. We just don't procreate for the sake of species survival, there is love that exists within us to drive our motivations to live.
     The bonds we form with each other are more specific than just societal requirements. We intuit an attraction toward each other that is uniquely fulfilling. Because, besides us being these amazing biological data processors, we are compassionately driven. My heart rises and drops based upon my gains and loses in life. I feel joy at the arrival of a new soul to our existence while feeling sorrow and pain at the loss of a soul from our existence. Which makes me just like most others, striving to allow my curiosity it's due through my natural data processing while living my life through the spectrum of known emotions. These two dynamics of ours, our wonder and our care, are both part of who we are and for anyone to deny that right to another is why we have the mess we are currently confronting.

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