Wednesday, July 5, 2017

On the subject of embarrassment (#3078)

     Embarrassment, a term that today is identified solely with the republican party. The trumps and the enablers that gave rise to their power are the genesis of this embarrassing moment in our nation's history. The republican party is not about duty and honor to our constitution or to our citizenry, they are about enriching themselves and harming others. Their ulterior motive is no longer secreted behind clever political campaign slogans or disinformation within the media. They are out there in full bloom in the public square now heralding their non democratic agenda as necessary to defend the sacredness of some illusion of an American dream. This American dream of theirs is not the bringing forth of opportunity to a melting pot society that would naturally be espoused in a democracy.
     No, this dream of theirs is a nefarious one based upon an ethnic cleansing model. Not only are their racial lines drawn but there are lines drawn between the genders and economics. A white supremacy movement that has always been marginalized in our country has now been given a public seat in the discourse of our nations business. The republican party has embraced the worst elements within our society to purge the melting pot ideal and replace it with segregation and oppression. Women who are still not given the rights like men receive are now finding that their rights are even more limited under republican rule. As to economics, the greedy wealthy have the backing of the republican party while the working middle poor class has nothing but contempt from trumps and republicans.
     Which leaves us with the appearance of a tyrant in control of our democracy and his inability to be civil and even modestly intelligent has left those of us who opposed him mightily embarrassed and ashamed of who we Americans are to the rest of the world. We Americans can no longer arguably claim that we are the leaders of the free world. Instead it appears we have fallen in line with some of the worst violators of freedom in the world. Know this, our collective embarrassment is only one aspect of those of us who oppose and are committed to ending the trumps and the republican rule of our nation. Although we are embarrassed we are not neutered. We will continue to work to get the trumps and republicans out of the public square as best we can any way we can that restores dignity and the earnest cause of democratic freedom.

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