Saturday, July 1, 2017

Our real human natures should make us all Democrats (#3074)

     This blog came into existence on the premise that we all have the same two general instincts, to care and to wonder. I know it is true for me as an example because although I have little patience for those who are evil in behavior, I still hope they will choose to change their ways. I know that my wonder or curiosity is real because I get excited every time I learn something new or get a glimpse of what is beyond my reality. These two dominant traits are supported by another lesser but no less important trait of survival. Not in the survival of the fittest sense but just to maintain and improve our species so that it can continue to evolve into some greater more advanced species of beings. From this I can evaluate all of life on Earth and in the space beyond. This is my road map for life and dictates who, what, where, how and why of life for me.
     Since I am an average member of the human race and we are all closely related, I can then add another premise to my calculation, we are mostly all experiencing what I have explained above, instinctual care and wonder as priorities. Surely we have not all thought this way before but let it sink in and while you are doing that I will try to explain the worst of our natures and how they come to be. First, when we are not living in the care and/or wonder of our instincts we are susceptible to be living in other instincts that have nothing to do with our true natures. these are the more familiar ones of greed, hate, power and selfishness. to name a few obvious ones. So by not being the caring curious beings we were born to be we allow for other more nefarious instincts to rule in their stead.
     So I spend my days caring about those things that deserve my time to care and even somewhat on those that are floundering but still have hope, while also being curious about all things that exist. Whether they have an understanding to them or whether they are still unknown. I question everything even the obvious within logic and common sense. The current boundaries of science and logic are what I have to work with and in the future those boundaries may be pushed even further out beyond what I can see now. That is the point of questioning which is wonder, or curiosity. Care and curiosity take up all my time so why would I allow for anything else to interrupt my living? I am a human biological data processor with senses that pick up information and a mind that can reason, analyze and conclude that is so complex that we are still trying to build computers to match. To care and to wonder, the two most powerful Democratic traits and who we all should be members of as well.

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