Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The pernicious president (#3085)

     The trump was given a gift through hook and crook and until we can find a way to expose that to take him out of office we are stuck with him in the meantime. What trump never understood or couldn't understand was that he was lucky to have won the presidency, even with the alleged rigging as it may be. He had a chance to be whatever kind of president he wanted to be regardless of the way he campaigned to win. Nothing would have stopped him from being a great and noble president but himself if he so chose. Once in office the president has the right and duty to do what is best for our American citizenry and the world at large. If trump had chosen to be a man among men he had the clear and legal right to do just that.
     Well we see that trump did not choose the high road and cement his legacy as president in the best of the tradition. Instead he choose the low road and has angered and harmed 100's of millions of American citizens with his hatred and greed. He chose instead to show the world what a tyrant would do and say if he were the President of the United States. How does one lose so much of his soul and still command so much respect? The question for the ages but undoubtedly it is underpinned by nefarious reasonings and reality defying propaganda in it's most artful form. Some of us have seen through the charade that is the carnival barker trump since he first stuck his head out into the public discourse. The effect of a quality education I can admit, but why others were so blinded to his vitriolic rhetoric is more closely understood when we find that a majority of republicans find that higher education is a harm rather than a good.
     The pernicious president trump is now up to his neck in investigations that have a direct link to his minority election and majority electoral college placement. Instead of taking the high road and putting all Americans first he has chosen to put his own self above all others and now is beginning to feel the wrath that his choice has evoked. The republican party has been trying to protect the trumps from their illegal law breaking but now even that protection is beginning to crumble. The most despicable presidency in modern time, yes even beyond the murderous duplicity of bush the younger and nixon is about to become the most pernicious of all thanks to trump and his inability to seize the moment and become an honorable man.

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