Saturday, July 8, 2017

What is the problem? (#3081)

That is how I see my life in this existence. Always, what is the problem? I have to ask a question before I can understand what the answer may be. I do have an overall view of how life should be and from that I can work to figure out how to answer problems but first I need to know the question. This is how it is done. We cannot just snap our fingers and say everything should be like this. What we must do is take each problem we can define and make it not a problem based upon the greater overall view. People seem to think that life is too complicated or nuanced for simple solutions but I say life really is simple since we are all humans and we mostly have the same curiosity and compassion instincts. Psychopaths and sociopaths excluded of course.
     So why shouldn't all questions have some form of simple answer since we seem to be evolving and progressing in the same existence. I know that some are fighting the modernization of our human civilization but if you look at the reasons they are simply because of exclusion, inequality and lack of education. Those are easily fixable problems. We just need to stop being so competitive with our resources and make them available for all of us to gain opportunity. Merit will always be part of how we socialize and achieve but none should be left without a chance to be part of the great wonder of life in this Universe. So again, what is the problem? Mostly the main problem centers on selfishness and greed. Which seem to be staples of capitalism run amok.
     I get that we need a form of economic engine to push us out beyond our imaginings but we must not lose sight of the principles of inclusion and care. We have our greatest human instincts in curiosity and care so never will we advance without them. There is no problem that cannot be solved by the mighty human intellect and drive. We are an amazingly relentless species but we are only indefatigable because we have the best of intent behind our motives. So no more condoning selfishness nor greed. We do reward based upon merit but never at the expense of uncaring for the least of us. It is our great nature to be the most highly advanced species ever in existence and although we may not be the best at all things within the whole of species life, we are by far the most capable of solving problems when we remember to ask what the problem is.

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