Sunday, August 27, 2017

America has no moral high ground (#3131)

     Even the religions here in America have lost the value of moral esteem. Where once we could count on the church as a place where all could find refuge, respect and dignity we are seeing that the churches now are actually instigating exclusion and hatred as moral value. The correct definition is moral bankruptcy. America was the melting pot where the poor, tired and oppressed could come and find an opportunity for a better life and a happier one. Well no more! America has instead closed in on its ugly racist self and has begun to purge those who are too ethnic or not white enough. This is my country and it infuriates me! Yet I can do little to change this direction except to voice an opinion and stand by my values in my own personal and public life.
     I am fine with that since I am the only one who lives inside my skin. I value the morality of democracy and all its inherent principles. My life is a record of my time here in this existence and if there is a recording of it in some unknown paradigm I can stand firmly by and say overall it has been a good life spent. I do let the best of humanity reside inside of me. I don't follow those who would harm and hurt out of some misguided lorded belief that pain and suffering are good things. I am not wise enough to know what is in the hearts of men and women other than their actions and words as they come forth. But with those actions and words I can see their morality or lack thereof. Which is why I am writing this piece about America and our arrogance to lecture against criminality when we are in actuality, culprits.
     So with our current atmosphere of racism and hatred we are not only dropping the ball on improving our society and the world around us but we are also making the world a more dangerous and intolerant place. We Americans are a shameful lot and it would behoove the world to quarantine us from infecting them with our own egregious brand of unwarranted condescension. There are many elements of American society that are struggling mightily to change this current era of despicableness but we are up against it in the worst of ways with the republican party being in control of our politics and as well feeding the current dynamic of despair.

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