Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Everyday is a countdown to no more (#3106)

     In the natural sense of things we are all gifted with a wake up no matter what is going on around us but this current political climate in America is adding to our uncertainty. I naturally expect to wake up every morning before I finally fall off to sleep but now so I am less certain because of the lack of brain trust and wisdom in our national leadership. It is really disconcerting that as we accept the rationale for the trumps election we seem to be in a mode of settling for it. I of course want an end to it right now based upon their inability to understand the nature of the position they were conspicuously elected. Yet we have such a hyper right wing partisan congress that won't allow for dignity and noble intent to dictate our actions and instead they settle for being petty and selfish.
     I have said many times in my bog posts how utterly embarrassed I am for what is going on here in America and I am not the only one yet we are not in a position to turn the wheels of justice to correct the abhorrent error of our ways. I say we are gifted with life each day we wake up but it is with an extra sense of foreboding despite the normal whirligig of cause and effect. We are also facing an ineptitude of a grave concern since we cannot count on any logical or reasonable comfort to protect our safety and our security from nefarious foreign intervention. But even more so I worry about the attack from within by the trumps who seem intent on destroying democracy so that they can rule without so much as a by your leave to our precious national constitution.
     Either we the American people end this bad dream of a nightmare come to our reality or it will end us. The trumps have no regard for conscience nor compassion so the trick is our lives are in our own hands. What will we do to not only end the very real threat to our existence but to the defense of democracy? I wish I were embellishing here but that is not the case and as soon as we all get to understanding that we have the power to demand better we will continue to have the greater uncertainty of going to sleep not knowing if we will actually have a chance to wake up the next day.

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