Saturday, August 12, 2017

Racism is an ignorant man's folly (#3116)

     The unoriginal idea of racism is like a child's tantrum. It makes for little sense and only causes disruption. Which is my point to wit the ignorance of using racism in a world full of facts and figures that denounces differences between our racial heritages is on full and unadulterated display. The white nationalist march at a major southern university last night is an example of how little enlightened thought has made a dent in the foundation of modern learning. That these protesters were students of this university makes me shudder at what they are not being taught in their respective high schools.
     Yet these "students" have made it through the screening process to be accepted in an atmosphere relegated to what I can only assume to be as "lower" learning. Is this a pride issue that these students want to claim given the destruction the white race has leveled on the other races? Do they not see that overpowering and controlling the lives of others who are not them is a crime against humanity? Do they not realize that humility should be there credo, not arrogance? Again, like with trumps, the world is upside down. Where the right and good are not the goal but the worst and most terrible are. If this is what we can expect from the southern universities, a refusal to accept equitable equality, fairness and justice for all then what is the value these universities offer to society on whole?
     I would be embarrassed even further if my university allowed for the racist chants of unenlightenment. It is bad enough we live in the political whirligig of trumps and their nasty brutish ideology of advantage and privilege but are we now condoning the atrocities of the past by allowing a goose stepping ideology to permeate our supposed facilities of higher education? Will the calmer more sensible institutions of higher learning condemn this latest attempt for destroying our rights as equal free men/women? Will the shame of ignorance be allowed to masquerade as enlightened thought? I am aghast at the turn our nation has made toward ignorance as a virtue and by doing so, if it continues, will be the death knell of our once great democracy!

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