Monday, September 11, 2017

I have my curiosity for knowledge, science and logic, what more could I need? (#3146)

     Well outside my heart anyway. Yet the question remains the same. I don't need magic, superstition or myth. I have reality and the awesome ability to interpret it based upon civilized factors. I find it a privilege to live in a civilized society where my basic wants and needs are mostly provided for. I was raised in a family where we were given the structure of education and discipline, well mostly discipline since I was rebellious in my younger life, and the opportunity to improve my station in life. We were and for the most part are still lower middle class and/or upper poor class yet the freedom we experienced allowed us to at least become critical thinkers if we so chose. I did choose to be a critical thinker and thus I needed to explore the boundaries of my chosen field of study.
     Curiosity is the impetus for learning at least something that catches our interest. I have that all the time. There is no limit to the things that intrigue me. The fortunate thing is is that for the most part I live in an open and free society that allows me to discover the answers to questions that were previously unknown to me. I have the foundational tools of science and logic to help me along in my understandings. For after a while the simple becomes the complex and there has to be a set of logical formulas that I can use that govern the sequencing of those simplexes into complexities. The same with science, it grows upon itself either adding or shedding theories as we comprehensively acquire more information.
     When proofs and facts change the dynamic of previous conjecture we must move on from the previous conjecture and apply the new proofs and facts. It has been this way since at least the dawning of civilized living. We don't change the rules of evolution to satisfy something that has no foundation in reality in order to make ourselves feel better! No, we jettison the outdated and unproven as theory and let them set aside from what is real and provably true. I don't live in a magical world, I live in a real world where the facts of biology and physics dominate our lives on this volatile planet. There is plenty of understanding of our environment that needs to continue without me adding in the myths and superstitions what makes us feel comfortable in opposition to our fears.

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