Friday, October 6, 2017

Cut 1.5 trillion from medicare/medicaid et al... and give it to the wealthy as a tax break (#3171)

     So republicans think this new budget of theirs is a good idea. Take from the needy and working middle poor class taxpayers and give to the wealthy who, by the way, are already wealthy. I just said that right? It is hard for me to think that there were 219 congresspeople who voted for this but 219 republicans actually did yesterday. Not only that they did it in such a way as to bypass the filibuster rule in the Senate. So we are back to trying to protect medicare/medicaid/housing/food stamps etc... with needing at least 3 republican Senators to vote against this horrific bill because all it will take is 50 votes in the Senate to pass and go to trump's desk for his signature.
     No democrat will vote yes on this despicable bill because once again it is an all republican invention. The republican party is out to destroy the American working middle poor class because they just don't care how people live. They want a large labor pool to choose from at the cheapest possible price because the one thing we know about most of the wealthy and their republican sycophants is that they are greedy and tend to be sociopathic/psychopathic. Their ability to have empathy for others is nonexistent. Yet one thing they are really good at is lying, cheating and stealing. Otherwise their minority strategies would not now be the majorities in all the branches of government.
     I know this much, if this bill does pass the Senate it will be the end of democracy as we know it. The wealthy will become even more wealthy and the American working middle poor class will have far less to live with and many millions more will fall further into poverty. Which is fine by republicans because once again they don't care about the working middle poor class. Yet they still need our votes come election time and while we still have the right to vote it would behoove us to vote them out of office in an overwhelming way. Even if this bill fails it won't be the end of it as republicans are not prone to changing from their devious inhumane ways.

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