Friday, October 13, 2017

Death by a thousand cuts (#3178)

     The trump administration is well on it's way to destroying our nation one small step at a time. With his 50th signed executive order trump has just taken another backward step otherwise doing what his majority Congress was not brutal enough to accomplish although just barely, break Obamacare. Yet as we see now the intent of what a deathtrumpcare health system looks like, the courts will have the final say on this latest travesty. The trump is trying to circumnavigate the legal status of a law ultimately without the consent of Congress and by that process has practically doomed his executive order to stop subsidy payments for the poorer among us to finally have health care. The courts will rule against him in the face of legal logic and once again the courts will come to America's rescue.
     I don't know specifically how we can stop the many future cuts to our American character but eventually our nation will crumble under the many harms trump is doing to our national identity. Either our democracy will implode or our citizenry will become nothing more than cannon fodder in the battle to save it. What trump is trying to do is to take our protocols for governing and defy them with an imperious attitude of swagger and incoherence. He would lie as easily as tell the truth depending upon the outcome he is seeking. None of us will escape the sting he is wreaking upon us and if we don't accomplish some kind of legal removal he will continue his bull in a china shop act.
     Even now some republicans are starting to get that although trump plays in their republican sandbox he is no friend. He is outside the bounds of normalcy when it comes to precedence and honor. His only goal is to make himself more of what he desires and the rest of us are not his concern. Yet he is in the president's chair and his actions directly affect our survival. What must be done is his removal and in our democracy there has to be protocols that protect us from the horror that is trump. Whether our other political leaders in the republican party have the courage to stand up to him and declare him unfit is yet to be seen but it is one sure way to make sure trump is no longer in a position to destroy our democracy and continue to cause great bodily harm to our society.

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