Sunday, November 12, 2017

Race and religion wars are crap! (#3208)

     It is not easy living in this time of human evolvement where race and religion are used as weapons to divide us. First of all we are all human beings so race delineating race within our species as divisive is petty and mentally deficient. As to religion I must remind all persons that all religions are belief systems, not fact systems so grow up and quit being so afraid to being alive. If you boil all the wars down to their intent it is for power and money. I have heard stories of wars being fought over love but cannot confirm that with any reasonable search. So back to wars being about power and money. Only a few benefit from armed conflict and certainly not those who fight those wars. But let me be clear about intent as to who starts wars.
     There are some greedy power hungry souls who create controversy in order to foster wars among people. They are the ones who are in the wrong since killing innocents for an ulterior motive is ghastly and demented. We who are attacked in the wake of war have every right to defend ourselves but we are not the ones who provoked the war to begin with. Whether defending our mutually agreed upon forms of government or to break away the chains keeping us from the liberty of freedom, fighting wars to win back civilized behavior is acceptable. This is not what I am referring to here. What I am referring to are the wars fought over whose religion is the right one when there is no way of knowing which is or whether religion itself is factual. The same goes with race wars, fought over who is the greater shade of color is not only ridiculous but it is psychopathic.
     As for me I choose to accept the reality of common sense, logic and factual truth that we are all the same regardless the "look" each of us has. Our differences are amazing and should be heralded not abused. As to religion I have one position that being that I don't accept fairy tales, superstitions or folklore as my foundation for living. I accept my own sense of morality, ethics and principles for living based upon one simple phrase, "do no harm". John Stewart Mill is well known for this "philosophy" and it is one I have found is the most profound "religion" I can actually call real. Anything else about religion is for me no more than an Aesop's Fable. If we humans can ever get past our race and religion wars we will be a mighty species to behold and admire.

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