Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The arrogance of ego (#12)

My personal observation on this phenomenon, arrogance of the ego, is shaped by my lack of knowledge. Yes, my lack of knowledge. In what I don't know; I realize that my ego is the most selfish component of my sub-conscious reasoning. It is the survival tool that satisfies my sense of worthiness. Is this bad? Is this necessary? What should I do about this theory I ascribe to? Well, I know that I feel that the arrogance of my ego is bad for me in that it gives me a false sense of fulfillment. If I allow the arrogance of my ego to advance, it narrows the options available to me in being a better me. As far as it being necessary, the question is yes or no based on the strength of my character. I would hope that my character is strong enough to do without an arrogant ego. Just knowing that I am limited in knowledge and the complexities of universal truths, I am trying to constantly remind myself that I have no right or expectation to present myself as anything more than a man who is filled with compassion and curiousity with a desire to survive.

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