Friday, February 20, 2009

Ethical Work (#21)

A perspective on the idea of work or, more clearly, the action of working. No human being is given the inalienable right of survival without contributing to existence in one form or another. I suppose life would be easier if no one was required to barter in some form, for the sustenance necessary for survival. The concept of work allows for the exchange of needs to be met. It is through work that a self-satisfying achievement process may flourish. I see work through a dual objectivity. First, work is needed to maintenance our existing society; Second, work should have a focused progression toward our futures limitless possibilities. What work should not be is an ulterior, or bold faced, form of undue influence, manipulating through duress, coercion or misrepresentation. What work should be is a gratification of accomplishment, a sense of being a part of a greater good for all. Work has advanced our society and our psyche to varying degrees. It is my hope that work will continue to evolve into the process most beneficial to the good fortunes of Earth and all its inhabitants.

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