Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting to know me (#26)

Good morning whoever is out there, I have less thoughts on practical matters and more thoughts involving emotional ones. For whatever reason I am feeling sensitive today about how I feel within me, about me. I have been just sitting back and letting the feelings course through me without attempting to interfere with them. I don't know how my feelings are triggered in me but I do know they are real and deserving of my attention and respect. It is my conviction that experiencing the emotions in my life is what helps define my life. Over time I am becoming very aware of how I actually feel about what or whom. This progressing path of insight helps me to handle the circumstances life will continue to put in my way. I am also pleased that I am paying attention to the events that are happening in my life right now. This reinforces my determination to not only stay but focus on my present situation regardless of past trappings or future lures.

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