Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Promise (#29)

I haven't always been able to say that when I promised something I would keep that promise. In my past, if I broke a promise it was usually because I was being selfish. Something benefitted me enough for me to justify not keeping a promise. Recently, within the last several years, I have come to see the harm in continuing my past behavior in how I evaluated whether I should keep a promise or not. I now know the true value of "My word is my bond". A promise is a personal declaration of trust, a value I am not willing to compromise. As a commodity, trust between people is priceless. Today I will not accept any personal benefit, no matter how great, to break a promise. Like many people who have changed their behavior, an amount of time and examples of being reformed need to take place. Granted. I look forward to being a man of principle who people can know that any promise I make will always become fact without any doubt. I promise.

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