Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Purpose beyond Humanity? (#16)

Does a thing exist such as, a purpose, beyond human involvement or any other living species? Beyond creationism or evolution is there another possible consideration for existence of all things? I like to think that every thought has a connection with every other thought. Primarily because we all seem to share the similar ability to at least think. If I premise a new understanding on this simple beginning maybe another view is possible. Interconnectedness is my most logical next step. If Interconnectedness is viable then what could follow is a single entity that we are all a part of. If all of us are we, in one complex form, then it means that we are timeless and not given to proportion of describable shape. If we are timeless then we must exist before we are born and after we are dead. I took the liberty to follow a single line of thought to move my premise of Interconnectedness along in one particular vein of reasoning. I don't assume to conclude any theory based upon a single line of reasoning, however I do wish to provoke thought outside the normal and familiar patterns of thinking. Because I am given to thinking outside normal lines of acceptance, this shows that the normal lines of acceptance are not satisfying enough to me for me not to question them. When I started writing this particular posting this morning I did not know what I was going to write about. It is amazing what this medium does to stimulate my thoughts.

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