Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another beautiful day on the planet (#170)

I was in Southern California recently and was privileged to drive through the wind farm outside Palm Springs. Wow, what a marvel of man-made creation. While I was driving, I was enjoying the majesty of nature before I came upon the wind farm, then to have the sight of it within the panorama of nature was humbling. I am so honored to live on a planet that is so vast and full of sensory splendor. The addition of human architecture in some ways has added to the beauty and awesomeness nature has already supplied. To give an example of the scope of the wind farm outside Palm Springs, I use the wind farm at Altamont Pass. Altamont Pass has an impressive electricity gathering wind farm but is not half the wind farm at Palm Springs. Our future is upon us when I physically see these erected feats of human engineering. The promise of humanity's future is witnessed by these structures which are not monuments to some political/theological ideal but are purposed to harness the magnificent powers of our incredible planet. The tangible benefits from wind are being realized on a scale that can become substantial contributors to the energy needs for a society moving into the ever expanding paradigms of technology and scientific evolution. This planet of ours is unique in that it offers us life and a means to create and generate a destiny that is both intelligent and humanitarian. What a marvelous existence I feel today on our beautiful planet.

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