Friday, July 17, 2009

The importance of education (#168)

So many times I have found myself in conversation with a younger person who is attentive to my opinion or outlook on a variety of subjects. I consider this to be an honor to communicate my limited knowledge when it is called upon. I am also reminded that my own continuing education is required and necessary if I wish to offer any worthwhile perspective. It is vital that I show respect to those I communicate with by being objective and open about the subject matter that is being discussed at the time. For my part, passing on the knowledge I have filtered through my lifetime, is just one more viewpoint to be judged against many others. That is what I hope to do all of the rest of my life. My legacy will be my individual perspective on the subjects that I offer to others. I have as my greatest wish, my most desired hope for the future, the continued growth of the human species into an example of animal and intellect combining to master those inherent problems of human self. To create a universe rich in principles of individual expression marked by honor, justice, love and equality defined by individual opportunity for all on an equal basis. All of the space that now confines us will eventually become the initial boundary-, [a discussion of (initial boundary) and my meaning for this idea will be discussed in a future posting] -humanity will be limited to and inhabited by. As our abilities grow toward that end we must persevere to fill in our knowledge constantly and with humility so that life in the future will have the opportunity to grow further into an egalitarian/principled society. What I discuss with others now hopefully will be the next link that they discuss with there younger generation and so on and so on.

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