Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It is alright to be a human being (#166)

No more pretending, that's a hard one, no more putting on "airs", put the daily masks away, it is time to just be. Yes, just be, a human that is. Not something you or everyone else wants to project as human. Natural instincts, with control, and no expectations, should be how we start our days. Take whatever comes our way and premeditate what organized pattern we must follow to support our daily responsibilities. Life is an experiment of some proportion, what that is I don't know but, what I do know is that it is still just a natural occurrence. That may change sometime in the future but, until then, nature in it's existent form should be my guide. Nobody has a playbook for life, condescension from others is their character flaw not anyone else's natural disadvantage. The stigma we like to place on each other, in order to gain some type of advantage over one another, is to be pointed out and corrected in a principled manner. No one has any advantage over another when it comes to expressing their life to others' existence. The days of slavery and bondage should never again be allowed. Neither should oppression and manipulation by ourselves against ourselves. We are all unique and worthy of individual expression. Our societies should express this sentimental truth. We need to continue a determined effort to change philosophies, out-dated cultural norms and legal prohibitions against the natural right to individually be our honorable, principled human being selves.

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