Thursday, July 30, 2009

My life is where my heart is (#181)

I am so glad to finally recognize that it is alright for me to be who I am. I am free to express my informed opinion in a humbled way and also to act on my principles in a continuing constructive way. I am now living through the goodness of my heart. Most of my thoughts are now viewed through that prism. I used to see whatever my mood would allow me when it lined up with whatever benefited me the most. I don't like who I was years ago, but I have not stayed who I was either. We all get to grow and move on in our existences at the pace necessary for us to find true peace in our lives. The key to the change in me has been the courage to accept that my expression of me is as worthy as any expression out there that I can compare me with. I used to feel inferior and needy of smarter counsel and guidance. Those days are behind me. I know now that all life is a gift no matter how we, as humans, evaluate each other. We are all equally important and capable of contributing in our own special ways. Where I have found the solace and peace in my life is within my heart. I truly care about our species as well as all other species, but especially the human race. My heart, which is where my best emotions are residing, dictates the actions I need to make concerning most every subject I am in contact with. I embrace the fact that my heart truly filters how I feel about the mundane and extra special moments of my life. My heart is what makes me who and what I am period. I am very happy for this knowledge I have of myself.

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