Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Personal relationships (#173)

I was in a Denny's restaurant in San Jose this morning when a couple came in waiting to be seated. From the booth I was sitting in I had a direct sight line on them and could not help but notice that after just a little bit they began to embrace and smooch. Normally an embrace and smooch in public like this was is over within a couple of moments, however this embrace and smooch lasted about five minutes and was performed with such vigor that I was somewhat mesmerized by their affection for each other. A young-and-in-love kind of display. I was transfixed by their actions into memories of myself when I knew the strong emotion of love and was loved back with the same ferocity I was feeling. I so admire the cocoon of love between two people. I don't have that right now but I wish I did. Finding that kind of attraction for someone is an ultimate hope worthy of my constantly being on the look-out for. Very few things in life raise my emotions to a level of extreme joy like sharing love with someone. It is such an odd dilemma for me in finding someone who would have the inner desire that would match mine. Is it just luck in finding the right person? Has fate already decreed it's solution? I can only keep my hopes up and continue to believe that someone is still out there who is my true soul-mate. What a great event that will be when I can display the same type of embrace that I saw in the restaurant this morning.

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