Saturday, July 25, 2009

What the day will bring (#176)

I never can say for sure what my day will be like since I have made myself available to others when they might need me. I have not always been available to people. In the past I was content to spend my time away from others instead of involving myself in their lives. Today is different, because I understand how important human interaction is in keeping me balanced and with a better perspective on life in general. Part of who I am is to be involved with others. I have found that out by trying to do the opposite and nearly ruining my present and future. I am at my best when I am available to speak and listen when conversation is directed at me and from me. I know I need to be in the mix of human exchange as necessarily as I need air to breathe. I am happy to have reconciled within myself the basic notion that being a participant of human exchange is fulfilling and rewarding. At times I still need time for myself to recharge and to reflect on those things which need my personal attention. But, when I can be available to be a positive influence in some-one's life then I am so appreciative to have that opportunity. It not only allows me to do something for someone else but the feeling I get is a value that I can never put a price to. My nature is being fulfilled when I am exhibiting the traits of higher and highest human traits through action.

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