Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A breakthrough in my mind (#333)

It has come to me through reason that I may have an ability to effect my physical being through a strong mental focus. I know this sounds a little spacey, like sci-fi, but I am persuaded through evidence that I can effect my physical being through sheer force of will. When I put my mind at a task and remain relentless at it, I find that I have consistency in process and result. This is only with my own physical effects. My determination to bring about a conclusion, despite the difficulty, has seldom been thwarted by my inability to physically perform. It is my conclusion that my mind has a control on the physical well-being of my body. It is as if I have an inner mechanism for sustaining my health until my determined objective is achieved. This I have noticed is only short-term but nonetheless productive for me. I am unsure about how to argue this premise of mind over physical within me but I am otherwise confident that it is a process that exists within me. It also makes some sense as to the utility of the brain to control the organism it is attached to. What we still don't know yet about the function of the human body is up for debate. It is my contention that we have much more more to learn about what uses and purposes our bodies have and over time and research we will discover abilities latent within us waiting to be activated.

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