Saturday, December 19, 2009

Creatures on this Earth (#323)

The topic of creatures on this Earth is inspired by the amazement I have in every living thing I have seen or heard. How all the different species have come to live together on this one Planet is still questioned, however the fact that we do is incredible. No one has been here on Earth since the beginning of life here so all is still conjecture and intuitive thinking. The life entities must also include all living things such as plants and microscopic forms. Taken overall, the ability of life to exist on Planet Earth, when the relatively known Universe beyond us has little to no ability to sustain anything recognizable as a life form is astronomically small in possibility. Yet here we are with all the other life forms inhabiting right along with us. It is also worthy of note that we all seem to have a symbiotic bond with each other that makes us, at different levels co-dependent. This co-dependency might offer a view toward all known life, currently in existence, being integral to sustaining life as we presently enjoy. There are always more questions than answers especially when the record of our existence is not an absolute. Theological and Scientific explanations notwithstanding, are as yet unprovable and must remain theories not conclusions. I have a principle I follow that seems to make sense for me; If I cannot create it I can not destroy it. This principle applies when there are no other extenuating circumstances. Welcome to us all, big and small, to a continued happy existence with each of us creatures on this Planet Earth.

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